Infusion Design

There was a great article in Western Art and Architecture that profiled Santa Fe designer David Naylor.  See an excerpt below, including a beautiful use of Lorts dining chairs.
Infusion Design
Written by Thea Marx

David Naylor Photo By: Kate Russell

“Authenticity is at the hand of the craftsman, his devotion and skill.”
Naylor has a passion for unique pieces that evoke the worlds of long ago: stately, elegant, rich in craftsman’s touch, deeply rooted in tradition and culture. He is immediately drawn to craft that is beautifully executed, but he doesn’t believe it has to be old. Many of the pieces that he seeks for projects are in fact created by his workshop. That doesn’t mean he excludes the use of fine antiques when he finds them; but rather he doesn’t feel the pressure to hold out for an historic piece when he can create one with as much integrity.
Wood is predominately his medium of choice. “I like finding old rare, reclaimed wood. It has an innate integrity. Our workshop is rather magical with wood,” he says. Naylor searches far and wide to find rare wood from the most unexpected places. In his workshop, pieces are created that become part of his “Infusion

Naylor enjoys mixing styles. Here he uses elegant formal chairs from Lorts that are upholstered in suede silkscreened with metallic pigments in contrast with a modern dining table made of a reclaimed slab of Teak. “Just,” he says, “to keep the room interesting.” Photo By: Kate Russell

Design” process, something that allows him to compose spaces that are a composite of cultures and time periods. Infusing regional cultural elements — such as rugs from Turkey, mosaic patterns from Morocco and Southwestern Kivas — allows him to create spaces where opposites can coexist in a beautiful symmetry of time and space.

Read the full article and see more pics here:

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