Las Vegas Market Trends – #1

Las Vegas Market Trends

Trend #1-Color is Back!

Lorts Wall System with Custom Mirrored Back

After seeing the majority of collections showcasing monochromatic palettes and subtle, restrained neutrals for the last few markets–we were so ready to see pops of color return!  World Market Center Las Vegas did not disappoint!

Lorts introduced a new option–Pure–which gives clear, bright color without the normal rub through and glazing treatment that paint finishes would typically see.  Customers will be able to choose a matte finish, satin, or high gloss lacquer to complete the look and further customize their pieces.  This treatment works with all styles of design, but is particularly relevant with contemporary and transitional looks.  At the Jordan Spencer showroom, the shocking pink bookcase and wing back chairs were featured in the front window and drew many designers into the showroom to investigate further!  There were many photos surreptitiously shot through the large plate glass windows, as well.

While designers agreed that the pink wouldn’t work in *every* client’s home–the sense of energy, fun, and vibrancy that a bright pop of color brings to a design largely based on neutrals is universally recognized.  Designers commented that after a winter and spring of less than optimistic news–clients are ready to inject some levity, humor, and brightness into their lives through design.

Orange and navy continue to be huge colors for fall.  Oranges range from light, tangerine-like and camel-based neutrals to bright, saturated, traffic cone accents.  I recently read in Vogue that charcoal is the new black and navy is the new charcoal, which indicates that using a range of dark, midnight hues as a neutral will remain a trend for some time.

Jordan Spencer by Lorts Wing Back Chair

Image Courtesy of Jordan Spencer Las Vegas

Lorts 3212 Side Table

Image Courtesy of Jordan Spencer Las Vegas

Image Courtesy of Jordan Spencer Las Vegas

Image Courtesy of Jordan Spencer Las Vegas

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