Trend alert: Gray – Day 4

This post is the fourth in a series focusing on the Gray trend in interior spaces.   On Day 1, the post covered gray as a huge color in fashion, beauty and interior design for the fall.  It also used my new favorite phrase “greige”.  The Day 2 post focused on some beautiful examples of gray in interior spaces, furniture and accessories.  Day 3 covered “Gray Paint 101” and also 3 expert tips when incorporating gray into interior decor.

Trend alert: Gray – Day 4

For today, the fourth day in our series on the gray trend, we turn to noted design blog shelterpop.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

“Whether it’s a calming dove gray or a much more dramatic charcoal, we can’t get enough of this go-to color. Neither can interior designer Mary Nolte, owner of Mary Nolte Designs and Kaleidoscope Color Consulting. Nolte has been tracking the emergence of gray and is bringing it into many of her clients’ homes. “I absolutely love the way gray looks. It’s part of my favorite color combination actually, which is black, white, red and gray,” says Nolte. “Gray, like beige, can go in so many directions.”

And it combines well with numerous colors, like blue, green, even yellow, making it a perfect neutral.”

Read the full shelterpop post by Lauren De Bellis, entitled “Color Diary: Gray”, here.  Includes lots of great photos!

One of my very astute designer friends pointed out that there is a blog entitled Greige.  Blogger Christina Fluegge has the definition of greige as:

“greige: ( gra, grège, gray)
adj. not bleached or dyed; unfinished; raw”

and features some beautiful photos with the gray palette.

The Oyster Box Hotel, South Africa (photo courtesy of Greige blog)

Lonny Magazine photo (via the Greige blog)

Image courtesy Martha Stewart Organizing

Lorts Urban fabric sample

Lorts Desert finish sample

Lorts Graystone sample

Chic gray range (Cuisiniere Prestige Frand Chatelet 135)

Lorts 9759 Cocktail Ottoman

Lorts 220102 Arm Chair, shown in Urban fabric

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