House Beautiful Design Institute-Atlanta event

Lorts, along with our showroom at ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center) Jordan Spencer, participated in the House Beautiful Design Institute-Atlanta on September 16th.  You can read our previous post with the agenda and schedule for the day here.

House Beautiful Design Institute-Atlanta event

The day started out with a designer roundtable with 3 interior design experts.  Here are some notable points.

Newell Turner

  • New term is “Accessorators” – combination of designers, decorators and stagers.  This is helping to establish a new set of icons.
  • Design is about creating a “happy experience”.
  • Collections are important to pulling together a space + color = joyful.
  • Huge trend right now are throw pillows.  “Last year at market there were more throw pillows than you could throw a pillow at”, Newell joked.
  • Also hot right now are lots of game tables – entertaining is a huge part of people’s lives.  (See Lorts game tables and chairs here and here!)

Judi Roaman

  • Design is “all about something no one else has, making the ultimate accessoration”
  • Spoke about Color, Pattern & Texture, showed slides of:

Rustic barns on Long Island painted like Mondrian paintings

Assortment of vividly painted bicycles at a farmer’s market in Manhattan

Patchwork sofa at Squint in London (attached)

2-story wall of painted chairs in San Francisco (attached)

Darius Monsef

  • Strives to “facilitate the novices, the newcomers, to create something of value”.
  • Built his technology company around color.
  • Says “there is something much more to color than mixing hues”, that color is “emotional, social, religious…an experience”.

The group then dispersed into morning and afternoon sessions.  Lorts Design Consultant Judy Hunerberg gave afternoon presentations at the Jordan Spencer showroom that were well attended, well-received and gave practical advice on how color affects the personality of a design.

Image Courtesy House Beautiful

Lorts Design Consultant Judy Hunerberg

Lorts Design Consultant Judy Hunerberg

Judy's talks were interactive, moving around the Jordan Spencer showroom and giving participants a chance to touch and interact with the vignettes.

Designers and homeowners received one-on-one attention throughout the day.

Lorts Collection designer Christy Dillard was in the showroom giving her insight, as well.

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