Visit the Sustainable Furnishings Council at High Point Market

Visit the Sustainable Furnishings Council at High Point Market

Lorts is a proud member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, whose goals are:

  • To raise awareness of the sustainability issue
  • To assist companies in adopting good practices
  • To serve as an information clearing house
  • To create a symbol of assurance for consumers

The Sustainable Furnishings Council is hosting green-themed events throughout the week of High Point Market, as well as inviting to-the-trade guests to visit the showrooms of its members.  In addition, the SFC introduces the newest member of their celebrity DesigningGREEN leadership team.  Joe Ruggiero, one of America’s most trusted design authorities, joins the SFC this month and will be featured in its latest print advertising campaign to raise awareness of the importance of green design.

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