Food, Wine & Co-Bethesda, MD

Food, Wine & Co-Bethesda, MD

Fabrizia Hawes, of Barbara Hawthorn Interiors, alerted us to this fantastic article written in Bethesda Magazine about the opening of new restaurant Food, Wine & Co in Bethesda, Maryland (a recently completed project!).  The design featured, among other beautiful specifications, 46 Lorts barstools used in the comfortable and intimate bar area.

Photo credit: Richard Nowitz

Birth of a Restaurant

It involves a long labor and a lot of pain. Just ask Francis Namin, whose Food, Wine & Co. was welcomed into Bethesda in September

By Carole Sugarman
Nov. 17, 2009: Just a thought
“You have to be crazy to open a restaurant,” says Francis Namin, who’s about to embark on a yearlong ordeal doing just that.

November/December Issue 2010—On this particular day, Food, Wine & Co. is just a name, a nascent idea in the restaurateur’s soon-to-be overloaded head. A clever, energetic, impulsive man, Namin seems to thrive on challenges. And during the next year, as he turns 47, he’ll encounter plenty of them: He’ll deal with endless construction problems; go $500,000 over budget; revise his initial food, wine and décor concepts; lose one of two silent partners; butt heads with his decorator; and part ways with a crucial kitchen staffer a week after the restaurant opens.

Food, Wine & Co., the bistro that will replace Uno Chicago Grill at 7272 Wisconsin Ave. in Bethesda, is Namin’s biggest project to date.  Read more.


Bar area featuring Lorts 220400 Barstools. Image via

Lorts 220400 Barstool

Image courtesy

Image via

Image via

Read additional articles about the newly opened restaurant here and here.

Visit the Food, Wine & Co website here.

Read about Barbara Hawthorn Interiors here.

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