This is Alder.

This is Alder.

Lorts pieces are built from Northwest Alder.  You may already know that furniture made of solid alder is beautiful and can last for generations.  However, you may not realize that alder furniture is a good environmental choice.

"At Lorts, we specialize in finishes. Few hardwoods take the variety of finishes and take them as beautifully as alder. Alder is not only versatile, but sustainable. The sustainability story of alder means that our customer can feel good that not only are they getting beautiful furniture but they are also helping the world around us." --Ty Lorts, President


  • Alder helps forests grow. Alder regenerates naturally and prolifically; it flourishes in areas where other species may not.  Its nitrogen-fixing root system adds nutrients to soils and helps neighboring species such as Douglas Fir, Cedar and Hemlock thrive.
  • Alder is an abundant and sustainable species. All Northwest Hardwoods alder is certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standard.  Alder trees grow quickly and mature relatively young-at approximately 60 years.
  • Little goes to waste. Virtually every portion of the alder log is used during the lumber manufacturing process.  While the lumber moves on to become furniture or cabinetry, the tree bark becomes mulch and the sawdust is fuel for the mill.
  • Buying alder means buying local. Alder is grown, harvested and milled in the Pacific Northwest, where it creates jobs and supports the local economy.  As a U.S. resource, it takes less energy to bring alder to market.
  • Alder is a “pioneer species”. It regenerates on forest lands that have been damaged by wind, fire, erosion and other disturbances.

To read more, download the Lorts alder brochure here.


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