Fresh {off the line} Friday

Fresh {off the line} Friday

Happy Friday from Lorts!  Thanks for checking out the latest post in our weekly feature series-Fresh {off the line} Friday.   Each Friday we bring you a fun piece or two that have passed through the factory and caught our eye during the week, as well as some “action” shots of our factory and pieces going through the line.  View the last two editions of Fresh {off the line} Friday here and here.

Our wood-framed occasional chairs continue to be one of our most popular recent introductions, and we’re seeing beautiful specifications and fabric choices come through the factory for those pieces!  The 983 Wing Chair pictured below combines a rich, classic wood finish with highly detailed chocolate crewel work fabric.  The contrasting nailhead chosen emphasizes the curves of the chair’s arms.

Another COM piece that caught our eye this week was this crisply tailored, monogrammed 4104 queen headboard.  The dramatic combination of onyx with the cream fabric really makes the monogram detail pop!

Lorts 983 Wing Chair

Lorts 983 Wing Chair back view

Lorts 983 Wing Chair frame detail

Fabric Detail

Lorts 4104 Queen Headboard

COM Monogram Detail

Headboard Detail

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