Color Forecast 2011: “Purely Refined” Color Scheme

Color Forecast 2011: “Purely Refined” Color Scheme

Emily Stern of Eheart Interior Solutions in Loveland, CO, did a fantastic post in their color forecast series.  This one included the Lorts 7174/7174B Serpentine Tabletop and Pedestal Base in Blue Denim and a sophisticated, restful neutral color scheme.


Lorts 7174/7174B Dining Table

Lorts finish-Blue Denim

See other posts in the Eheart color forecast series here:  last week and the week before.

“Redefining luxury to reveal it’s pedigree through clean, classic lines, exquisite tailoring, and handcrafted heirloom quality, the Purely Refined palette proves that pared down is the new upscale.  Understated neutrals, layering, organic textures, and subtle detailing add to the natural elegance of this timeless look.

Our showroom’s modestly sized convenience kitchen has been redesigned in the Purely Refined palette. Handcrafted Leightonwood cabinets in a rich sage finish with a mocha glaze anchor the space with a splash of color that isn’t loud or pushy.  An island finished in deep gray tones down the colors of the room. Rustic hickory floors in a soft navy finish are an unexpected yet tasteful choice for flooring.  A handmade pedestal table with a multi-step glazing process and a driftwood bunching chest polish the room’s furnishings and offer texture.  The finishes are laid out in the showroom–come check it out this week!”

Visit the full post, including finish, furniture and accessory listings, here.

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9 Responses to Color Forecast 2011: “Purely Refined” Color Scheme

  1. Emily Stirn says:

    Thanks for showing us off. I can’t get enough of your stunning finishes!!

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