Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

It’s the time of year where we, as a country, take time to focus on the things we are thankful for and Lorts is no different.

First and foremost we are thankful for good family and friends.  During times of turmoil, economic and otherwise, our focus gets turned back to the things truly important, intangible things like our health and the love and friendship we have for those around us.  It’s a shame that it sometimes takes a wake-up call to make it happen, but that’s human nature I suppose.

From a business perspective, we are thankful for customers and vendors that collaborated with Lorts to help make sure we all make it through challenging times.  We need each other and these tougher times will make the returning good times all the sweeter.

I am thankful for the people at Lorts who give their all and then some for the good of the company, sometimes at great sacrifice.  And they do it with little complaint.  Again, as we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we will be all the stronger for having been through this together.

Personally, I am thankful for a beautiful, supportive wife that puts up with a little too much business mixed in with the personal.  I’m thankful for 2 boys/young men  that make me proud even when we’re butting heads.  I’m thankful for a dad that supports me and gives great counsel, even when politically he couldn’t be more wrong.  And I am thankful for grace, both given and received.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Ty Lorts, President


Lorts 2401 Arm Chair, 9619 Side Chairs and 2102 Dining Table

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