What’s under the tablecloth?

To the Trade Showroom Designers’ Resource Collection in Costa Mesa, CA recently wrote a lovely blog post about the importance of the dining room table in celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, with a Lorts focus!  Read their full blog here.

“What’s under the tablecloth?

With Thanksgiving upon us, our thoughts naturally turn to the feasting hall – or for most families, a more modest dining room.

As mentioned previously in our KMD blog, designer Alexa Hampton promotes the use of lavish wallcoverings, draperies and upholstery to give dining rooms a feel that is both festive and alive with a rich, comforting warmth.

For Thanksgiving, however, the focus is clearly on the table itself.

We can all picture the classic Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving, with Grandma proudly presenting the perfectly roasted turkey while Grandpa stands by to do the carving; the rest of the family grins with anticipation.

But what’s under that perfectly starched white tablecloth?

Today’s grandmas have a wide variety of choices, from ultra-contemporary pieces to that same oak table that their own grandmother served on.
We like the amazing selection available through Lorts Furniture – designs that are contemporary or traditional, stylish yet familiar. These designs take inspiration from a variety of sources, such as American Mission and Mid-Century Modern. Each makes a distinct statement, and all fit naturally into any living space – from a Westwood Village condo to a restored La Jolla mansion.

Lorts uses only the finest grade environmentally-friendly woods and only American-made finishing materials to build their furniture. They’ll even work with you to make custom pieces. From ovals to rectangles, Lorts tables can be used for everyday meals, or extended with leafs to accommodate extra guests for the annual family feast.

Naturally, the dining room sets are available with matching buffets, sideboards and hutches. Lorts chairs range from elegant to informal, matching the design of the table, but work for both casual dining and a festive gathering. These pieces achieved sophistication in their elegant design proportions, but also maintain excellent support and comfort – perfect for those holiday marathon eating ordeals.

Bon appétit!

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