Fresh {off the line} Friday

Fresh {off the line} Friday

Happy first Friday of 2011!  The year is getting off to a brisk and energetic start here!  For those of you tuning in for the first time, this is the latest post in our weekly feature series-Fresh {off the line} Friday.   Each Friday we bring you a fun piece or two that have passed through the factory and caught our eye, as well as some “action” shots of our factory and pieces going through the line.   Read selected previous editions of this weekly feature here and here.

This dramatic and functional kitchen island was the brainchild of a creative designer and our custom department.  Once installed it will be topped with stone, adding to the organic appeal.  The island features deep drawers on one side and doors with heavy-duty pullout shelves on the other.  Additional storage is added with the shallow (silverware height) drawers and vertical tray storage.

Lorts custom island with pull-out shelves

Lorts custom kitchen island

Deep drawers on the back side of the island.


Lorts 9653 Side Chair

Leg detail

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