Cooking Lessons – Guest Post

In addition to bringing you articles we think you’ll love, we thought we’d start having some Lorts team members occasionally guest post on the blog as well! Up first is Lorts President Ty Lorts.


Linda Hopkins is one of the premiere cooking instructors in Scottsdale and has worked with some of the finest chefs in the world. She also happens to be my cousin. This last Christmas, my lovely wife Michelle, gave me the gift of cooking lessons at one of Linda’s teaching series.

I enjoy cooking. When done properly, it involves gadgets and oftentimes fire. This would be a new kind of cooking for me though because it included recipes. And directions. Lots of directions. When I cook, I might look at the photo of a dish like one looks at the cover of the jigsaw puzzle box to see what it SHOULD look like when I’m finished. But invariably I will take my own path based on what ingredients I have and what I like better than how lemon curd sounds. I have found class thoroughly enjoyable though. Linda keeps it light, fast, and simple. Plus, she serves wine which seems to make everything better.

The best part of cooking class is that they feed us afterward. Outstanding! So here is a link to the main course recipe (and instructions) from my first class.

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