Generate – Jody Seivert

1. To bring into existence, produce, evolve.
Jody Seivert is an industry consultant that I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with over the last few years.  If you have an opportunity to attend one of her CEU courses, you will not be disappointed and will do well to implement her many suggestions to improve your business.  She is one of the sharper minds working in the interior design industry today.  With her permission, here is her most recent blog post.
Ty Lorts
Lorts Manufacturing

If I were to ask most people who call themselves salespeople what their job is, they would likely say something like ‘sell, satisfy people’s needs, help people to find solutions’  – something like that.

As I look at the current buying habits of retail and trade customers, and the new adventure of ‘showrooming’ and internet buying, it’s clear that the role and job of an inside salesperson is altering.  Maybe it’s beyond altering and has already changed, and we’re just slow to act.

Where that leaves inside salespeople with is a new definition of their job – which is to GENERATE sales.  That means to go and get them, rather than only assisting incoming opportunities to purchase.  Go and get them.  Because to wait for enough incoming traffic, that is sufficient traffic to produce sales to make goal, is to wait a very long time.

That also means that getting contact information, creating quotes, making appointments to return, calling quotes that are still unsold, calling after delivery, making outside appointments to sell, calling 30-90 days after the sale – all now required actions to incorporate into an inside sales checklist of ‘dollar producing activities’.

I can feel the reaction of ‘that’s not my job to create opportunities, that’s the job of ownership to provide leads via advertising and marketing’.  At some point in the distant past that might have been true, it just isn’t true any longer.  A sales job is to GENERATE sales, whatever and however that needs to happen.

The more you make it fun, make it a game, and enjoy the outward engagement, the more sales you will generate.  That’s how it works.

And so you know, I’m not just being bossy and am taking my own coaching today and ‘dialing for dollars’.  I have scheduled one ‘next step’ appointment for Friday, and made one on-site cold call to Mass Real Estate (no, they are not my target audience, but they are required to have CEU’s….which I offer….) IN MY GYM CLOTHES no less, and will pursue that avenue for speaking engagements.

The harder I work, the luckier I get.  Now let’s go get ‘em.



Be sure to follow Jody’s blog for more!

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