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Family owned and operated…

Lorts Manufacturing, founded in 1966 by Andrew Lorts, is a family owned and operated furniture manufacturing company. Lorts has seen three generations of family ownership and is committed to creating legendary furniture.

The Lorts family ensures each piece is worthy of the Lorts name and tradition: furniture passed down from generation to generation because of quality and style that transcends time, fashion and fads.

The evolution of Lorts…

The company originally produced moderately priced furniture, distributed to retail furniture stores including Levitz and J.C. Penney. The majority of the items, fashioned in an Early American style and large-scaled, included dining tables, occasional tables and roll-top desks. Evolving over more than twenty years, Lorts in 1990 began producing a stylized collection of furniture distributed through the finest higher-end furniture stores and designers across the country. Beginning with rustic, country styles, Lorts soon experimented with different finishes. Several other manufacturers answered to an increased demand for finish options, but their prices were astronomical.

Lorts responded to customers wishing for designer style and flexibility at reasonable prices. Soon word spread about the company producing hardwood furniture in several premium finishes at prices far below similarly styled product. Gradually, the product line developed and now includes dining furniture, stools and game sets, occasional pieces, bedroom furniture, armoires, and home office and wall units.

Lorts makes customization a reality…

Lorts prides itself on finding a niche in the market. Homeowners desire the ability to create furniture themselves by customizing finishes and sizes, and Lorts strives to make this a reality. From size changes on items currently in the Lorts line to new ideas sketched out on a napkin, Lorts allows customers to make each piece unique. In a world where each furniture piece tends to look like every other, Lorts’ customers can create furniture personalized to each individual need and style at a value unsurpassed within the industry.

The Lorts Difference…

Lorts distinguishes itself from its competitors by using distressing techniques resulting in a look only seen on furniture hundreds of years old. Ever evolving, the company currently offers 34 finishes with a number of different fabric, metal and leather options.

The goal at Lorts Furniture is the design and production of beautiful furniture at reasonable prices. Here at Lorts, we understand the value of creating legendary furniture that reflects the Lorts name and tradition, so we strive to ensure the quality and worthiness of each piece. Style, premium finishes, and timely deliveries add up to the Lorts Difference: value.

Visit www.lorts.com

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  1. I purchase through DCA showroom in Orange County.Ca. I am very interested in
    the black shelving unit with drawers, etc. for a client. Can you possibly tell me
    where in Ca I could see the complete shelving unit.

    Many thanks

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